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Some anomalous career-path after H.S, Take a Look !

After high school, there is a tendency among the students to move towards their desired career. Going beyond the traditional professional courses like General Degree Course, Joint Entrance or Law, Management, there are many new subjects that can be studied to get into the world of good employment in the future. If you want to go beyond the conventional studies and think of a slightly different kind of career, you can take a look at various theories. Research on some of these topics is highlighted for the students.

  1. Fashion technology

The fashion industry mainly deals with market research, designing and manufacturing. Certain qualifications do not stand in the way of working with art and design. Additional benefits are available if you take courses on speech skills and art, drawing, tailoring, etc. If you have higher qualification with 50 percent marks, you can study fashion designing at graduation or then at post graduation level. Apart from this, there are many institutions from which there is an opportunity to make significant progress in the world of this profession even without doing a certificate or diploma course. There is a National Institute of Fashion Technology in Kolkata, where multiple subjects like Fashion Design, Leather Design, Textile Design, and Accessory Design can be studied. For every courses you can be read at both graduation and post graduation levels. There are B.Tech courses on Apparel Production from WBUT. Apparel Training and Design Center, Sector-3, Salt Lake address offers multiple courses such as Apparel Manufacturing, Apparel Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design Technology. Even with low educational qualifications (eighth grade) there are opportunities to do a variety of courses. Outside the state, there are National Institute of Design, International Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi) and Indian Institute of Art and Fashion Technology (Mumbai) to study the subject. Like NIFT, Apparel Training Centers are spread all over the country including Kolkata.

  1. Interior designing

Scientific and creative ways to enhance the beauty of the room, residences, kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, receptions, resorts, seminar halls, studios, theaters with all colors, designing objects, feng shui, show-using is called interior Designing. There are four-year degree courses in fine arts. This includes specialization in interior designing. Generally, this subject can be studied after completing the higher secondary qualification in Mathematics / Physics, Chemistry, English. Most of the private institutions offer one year diploma course or certificate courses. 10 + 2 qualification is required in private institutions. There is Birla Institute of Arts and Liberal Science in Calcutta. There are also many private institutes where diploma or certificate courses in interior designing are offered. Interior designers have to take care of the design of walls, roofs, floors, matching objects, colors, lighting effects and after placing all the things in the interior, care should be taken to keep suitable spaces even after designing.

  1. Event management

Anything from leisure entertainment or family events to educational seminars or corporate meetings is now considered as an “event”. A closer look at all these events will show how everything is organised with proper hospitality and orientation. An event called “Event Management” has been created to manage all these events in an integrated and professional manner. Diploma or Advanced Diploma course in Event Management can be done after H.S. There is also an MBA course on event management as a management course. At present there are also certificate courses on this subject from various private institutions. Even if you study public relations, there is an opportunity to come to this profession. In addition to the Birla School of Management, the Institute of Engineering and the College of Management in Calcutta, event management courses are offered at several private institutions also.

  1. Web designing course

Web designers are required to design web pages or web applications with the help of computer language. Designing a website using images, text, links and graphics requires studying designing. If you study computer science at the higher secondary level, you can do a certificate or diploma course in this subject after passing the higher secondary level. In addition to technical studies, there is ample opportunity to use your creativity in this profession. Different types of program languages ​​like HTML, ASP, PHP are taught in this course. New thinking, design, designing through lay-work can be improved a lot in one push. Courses on Web Designing are offered by a private institution approved by Jadavpur University in Kolkata. There are also several well-known private institutions, including Arena Multimedia, from which diploma or advanced diploma courses are offered.

  1. Fire and Safety Education

Skilled workers are required to study fire and safety in the workplace, business establishments, production areas, corporate buildings, etc. to deal with fire and other accident trends. This training system covers everything from building fire extinguishers or security systems to providing safety in the event of a disaster. After 10+2 qualification, management course can be studied. Diploma or certificate courses can also be done from many institutions with the same qualifications. Educational qualifications as well as physical strength and morale play a very important role in this profession. We have to develop the mentality of working in a very dangerous environment. In times of danger, disaster, countless people will become dependent on the members of the Fire, Safety Management Team. Diploma or PG diploma courses on the subject are conducted by the National Institute of Fire and Safety Management, Central Labour Institute, National Council of Education Research and Training-approved institutions and several non-governmental organizations approved by the Central Government.

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